About Us

Underbit Technologies, Inc. is a privately held company with over two decades of coding experience through which it licenses open source and embedded technology to professional software developers and OEMs.

Our flagship, MAD, is an MPEG Audio Decoder written entirely without the use of floating point arithmetic, making it an ideal implementation for embedded systems. MAD is widely recognized for its reliability, completeness, simplicity, correctness, portability, and even for its elegance of code design, not to mention its computational accuracy and the excellent quality of its audio output. As a result, MAD has been incorporated into innumerable third-party products, from multimedia players to audio editors to streaming media frameworks. Tens of thousands of end users currently use MAD on platforms ranging from desktop computers to handheld devices.

We believe in a streamlined approach to software and strive for superior solutions through simple, elegant coding that meets or exceeds our licensees’ needs.

Open Source Software

Underbit Technologies is one of a growing list of companies that licenses its software in open source form. Open source adds tremendous value for our licensees because the code has benefited from scrutiny and evaluation by many talented developers. This makes software more reliable and efficient.

Underbit’s licensees are able to use their own development tools to customize and debug their applications because we include complete source code to our software. Open source developers are welcome to use our software under the GPL; others are welcome to evaluate our software under the GPL prior to obtaining a commercial license.